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Now, our fathers said3 we would have to
remain where we were for the winter, or

try to reach our distant home on the plains by

Our women set themselves to work making
snow-shoes, copying the type we had secured from
the Shuswaps. They made shoes for us boys firsts
so that we could go out on them and get used to
them. This was great fun. Our fathers went
out with us to teach us how to walk and run on
them, instructing us to keep our knees stiff and
move our legs from the hip. Soon we were having
snow-shoe races of a hundred yards or more, and
were making incredible speed on them, to the
great satisfaction of our elders. Then our fathers
taught us how to slide down little hills and em-
bankments when we should come to them. We
liked this so well that they had to stop us from
^practising3 it to excess; for we were wearing out
our snow-shoes too fast.